Year: 2021

Creative Ways to Number your House

A house should look attractive and beautiful from the outside. The Interior comes after the exterior. Therefore, we spend a lot of money on the outside of our house and then only start giving our interior decoration and styles according to the trend.

Walking just like someone else and following what everyone is following does not seem qualitative. Being unique and standing aside from the crowd should prioritize if you want to do something creative and new.

HomeBnc helps people like you who want to do something creative and want to stay different from the crowds. They give the best ideas and tips when it comes to decoration. You can use them and give them your ideas to develop some of your styles.

Here, we are presenting you with some of the unique and creative ways by which you can number your house. These ideas are here due to HomeBnc and will work great for you.

Go According to the Type of House you Have

We all are that wise that we understand that not everything fits with everything. Some combinations may look brilliant, while some combinations may seem out of context and may ruin your work.

Therefore, rather than experimenting with all the options available for you, you should categories your things, and then you will have fewer but the best options available to choose from.

Natural Greenish Background Mounted with White Numbers

Have a large house or a wholly opened house with a garden in front? Then this one is for you. You can give a greener look to your house, and a garden will also add spark to it. This one is the best combination one can have for their house if they have garden and flower beds in front of their house.

You can also make it horizontal as well if you want as it happens that sometimes a vertically placed does not seem attractive as the same things look when arranged horizontally. So, give it a try to find the perfect one for you.

Bouquet Themed Number Plate


A beautiful and elegant piece of art will show your house number and fill up the air with a sweet and steady smell at your doorstep. Hang it either on your gate or at your porch. It is going to fit in any place.

You must be a bit caring as it requires constant attention. Otherwise, the flowers will fall and will dry up as well.

There are other shapes and sizes also available, so you can either create your own or buy these types of numbers. But make sure that the measurements of this should match up with your required measurements; otherwise, it will not suit your house.

A Bare Black Number Stand with Mailbox Mounted at the Top


The purpose of a house number plate is to guide the others searching for your house. It should be in an open area in such a way that anyone can see it easily. That is why we use a number plate for our house, right?

It is suitable for villas and large houses that are generally out of town and found near the hilly areas. That is why an extended and more extensive number plate is to quickly show shows up to the prickly.

Rustic House Number Plate Under the Lamp

If you are looking for a rustic number plate for your house, then this could be your best-suited one. It will show up the number at day, and when there is night, the bulb mounted at its top will light it up gorgeously and give it a beautiful, charming look.

Number plates with lights around it are suitable for villas and houses that generally stay in the dark at night. For houses situated in the main cities and around the streets do not need these kinds of lighted number plates as in cities lights are always on at night; hence these will lose their charisma.

Wrath of Calmness Representing your House Number

This one right here is quite seasonal. If you live in a place where the weather does not change much, this could be the perfect one.

It looks appealing and gives a charm that represents peace and calmness. Hanging on your wall enhances your space and house, and if needed, you can only wrap it with lights strings to give it a mesmerizing look at nights.

You can use either faux flowers or real ones. But whatever you use, make sure that you take care of them regularly.

All these number plates we have mentioned here represent a whole category under which you will find many options. Therefore, rather than giving you details of each type of number plate idea, we have provided you with the main outline of ideas.

This will help you categorize things according to your need easily and you will be able to recreate your ideas.


Sound of Serenity: Beautiful DIY Wind Chimes

Most people usually do home décor for aesthetic pleasure. Similarly, decorating our outdoor spaces becomes very important too.

You may have a small balcony or a massive backyard with a mini golf course. You can set up an outdoor relaxing area where you can sit or stroll, enjoy and inhale fresh air.

While such a space is always recommended to ward off any negative vibes and rejuvenate ourselves, it can be an evening family gathering/talk or even a morning ‘me’ time; this space can help you bring back your senses and re-energize our mind.

Thus, it becomes essential to decorate our outdoors too. Spring is the season when the weather is the best, and many prefer to decorate outdoors this season.

Outdoor décor must indeed contain wind chimes. The aesthetically pleasing, and when observed closely, they bring in calmness in an individual.

Many people tend to buy wind chimes, but DIY wind chimes are far better than them because you can customize your wind chime according to your preferences.

And what would be more pleasing than designing and decorating your windchime!

Excited! DIY wind chimes surely excite me! So, without any further ado, let us begin to go through these three most beautiful and attractive wind chimes which you DIY. They are straightforward to make and hardly cost you!

Painted Tin Can Wind Chimes:

Coke lover? Then this wind chime is undoubtedly for you! The best part is that you will not have to go out and buy these tin cans.

Just do not throw away the tin cans whenever you drink coke or beer. This wind chime will be an epitome of best from the waste! What is better than using things that would have gone to the trash can eventually, instead of using it for a potential cause.

You can even put the kids to design it. This will help them to grow their skills, and you can spend some time with them. This recycled wind chime will surely make you feel proud and is aesthetically pleasing.

If you want to make kid-friendly painted tin can wind chime, then do go through the blog of handsonaswegrow.

Seashell and Starfish Chimes:

Sea and Ocean lovers would be in absolute delight! Seashells and starfishes are the reminders of the beautiful blue ocean. They will continuously remind you of the beautiful beaches that you had visited during your last summer vacation. Even their sound as they chime is quite a pleasure.

If you are nearby any sea or ocean, it would be straightforward to gather or even buy some seashells and starfishes. Otherwise, you can always buy them when you visit any beach during your vacation.

You can make use of seashells and starfishes of different sizes and shapes. Go through the blog of inspiration made simple, where the entire making of seashell and starfish wind chime is very well explained.

Skeleton Keys Wind Chime:

Do you have an extra set of keys that are of no use right now? Turn them into a windchime! They sway elegantly when the wind blows, and the chime indeed is a pleasing one. Apart from the keys, you will also require a mason jar ring to hold the wind chime keys.

Do not forget to color your old keys and remove the rust on it, if any. You can use any other foundation too apart from the Mason jar ring. It is a guarantee that you will fall in love with this wind chime as they sway along with the wind.

You can go through the blog by ohmysolovely for details of DIY. They have explained the DIY very thoroughly, and you will understand very bit every easily.

If you want to know more wind chime designs, go through Homebnc, where about 19 DIY wind chimes are given. Apart from DIY wind chimes, Homebnc also offers excellent content on DIY projects and ideas, home and outdoor décor. Once you visit the website, I am sure you will never look for other websites for new and intriguing DIY and décor ideas.…

Easy Sewing Projects for Your Home

Winter is coming, and we all are excited about it. Winter brings a unique essence to our life. All the seasons have their charisma, but it is Christmas that kept us inside of our houses. We all love to stay in our houses, keeping ourselves warm, and most of the time doing nothing.

So, why shouldn’t we do something creative? Let us make this winter worthwhile and do some entertaining and easy DIYs to create something new for our home.

Whenever you need any suggestions or ideas related to any decoration like the home decoration, furniture suggestions, any instructions related to some DIY’s, then do visit HomeBnc.

It is a great site to gather some ideas and tips on any decor. We have selected some of the sewing projects you can use this winter to brush up your home.

Be Ready with Your Tools

Every DIY project requires tools, right? But when it comes to sewing projects, they are the easiest DIY you can do.

It does not require much hard work, neither it requires many expenses. You can use it quickly, and you do not have to wait either to use your work. You can instantly take the work from what you have created.

That is why we have come up with some easiest sewing projects you can make. Just go through them and select those whom you want to try for your home. So, let us begin now.

Bench Covers and Table Cloths

One of the easiest and quickest DIY you can do. It is often disappointing when you visit someone’s house and see a tablecloth and even the bench covers, which is not about your house. So, this is the time to introduce these things into your home and what could be the best occasion than summer.

To make them more upgraded, you can use two layers of fabrics and fill the cotton in-between them. This will make your cloth a bit more durable and comfortable as well. You can use two different fabrics for both sides so that if one side becomes dirty, you can flip it over to make it look new again.

Cushion Covers and Pillow Covers

Another simple sewing project is here. Making covers of anything is relatively easy, but it requires measurements, which increases the chances of error. Therefore, it is necessary to be careful while taking measurements, after which the process is straightforward.

This project is something that flourishes when mixed with self-creativity. So, go creative and do experiments with colors and textures for your pillow and cushion covers. After all, this winter, they are going to help you in being comfy and warm. So, why not make them a style statement as well?

Handmade Bags

Bags are of great use to us. We can use it to store things that can hang them as well. They never go waste, so; it will be wise to invest your time in it. There are plenty of bags which you can make at home without any many expenses. You must pay for the fabrics, and now the stitching works is next.

Bring some texture-rich fabrics to give a colorful and attractive look to your bags. You do not have to spend much on fabrics, as this will not be a significant expense. Look out for the sales and buy only those fabrics which price has been lower.

If your house already has some old fabrics, then you can use it as well. This will be a great way to reuse your old fabrics and convert it into something more beneficial.

Window Curtains

Door curtains could be a challenging task to perform, but stitching window curtains are easy and quick. As we are almost near to winter, we will need a window curtain. So, why not make our window curtain according to the theme of our home.

There are plenty of tutorials and designs you can choose from to make the right window curtain. Fabric is again a requirement that will require expenses.

This will require extra expenses like a curtain holder, clips, metal hooks, metal rods, and other accessories. This will also require more effort than the projects mentioned above, but this will have a major impact on your home’s interior.

So, be careful while working on this project and use simple fabrics so that sunlight can pass through them, and it can match up with the winter look as well.

Hanging Wall Folders and Fabric Pouches

Another great project which can be used as an additional thing with many accessories. You can make it easier, and it will also be a quick project.

Hanging wall folders are a perfect thing for those who have tools. It can be used to hold tools and other things as well. So, you can make it for your bedroom, for your kitchen, for your bathroom and different places as well.

Poches are also essential to stitch on your apron, sofa, chairs, and many things. So, it will be of great use, and hence it is one of the impactful sewing projects.…

How to Create a Fire Escape Plan for Your Home and Family

Building a house is one heck of a responsibility, and nobody can deny it. But what is more difficult is watching it reduce to ashes. But where it is very little you can do to save your house when it has caught fire, there is a lot one can do to save himself and their Family.

You can certainly use the help of HomeBnc to decorate a house according to you and get new ideas for decorating and building your house to your desire. So now that you have got your house decorated for all the compliments, you do not want all of it to vanish in a fire accident.

So along with the decoration in mind, also think about specific equipment, techniques, and steps that will help and your Family to escape the burning house to eliminate the chances of any injuries or fatalities.

With kids in the house, the difficulty of escaping is multiplied a hundred, if not a thousand times. So, making sure that the kids can easily escape if a fire breaks out is a tremendous job and should be everybody’s priority list.

Here are some steps and suggestions that can help you out in times of emergency like these. Make sure you read this till the end to get a clear picture of what can be done when your hours get hit by a fire accident.

Step 1- Setting Equipment

There is a lot of equipment that can help you identify possible threats of a fire breaking out in your house, which can further help take quicker actions and save everyone from getting injured.

Smoke Detector

A smoke detector can be very helpful in detecting a fire in your house. You can install smoke detectors in different places of your house so that a fire in one place of the house manages to alarm you sitting at another place of the house.

Ensure that there is one smoke detector installed in the Kitchen, a commonplace where most fire breaks out from the house (obviously because it is where we use to fire the most).

Also, make sure that the smoke detector covers most of the vulnerable areas of the house. Also, make sure that these smoke detectors are connected to the alarm system in and around your house. (Do not forget to test it by yourself).

Step 2- Try Figuring Out the Escape Routes

One more important step towards helping yourself and your Family escape the house when it is on fire is figuring out the escape route out of the rooms and eventually the house. Try developing two separate ways that one can use to escape a room. There can be more than two routes but having two of them is a must.

Now that you have developed these routes, your job is not done yet. It would help if you made sure that these routes are not dangerous or hazardous in incidents of fire. When this criterion is met, you need to make the kids aware of this criterion; remember, the kids will not respond to the fire the way you will, so they need more training and practice. Make sure that the kids can access these escape routes as effectively as you.

Step 3- Think of a Meeting Point

When all the Family is successful in escaping the house, which has caught fire, you have a next problem waiting. The chances are that all the family members have escaped the house separately and that the family members are not together.

So due to this, one might not be able to see a member who has already escaped the house and end up entering the house to rescue out of confusion.

To kill this confusion, what needs to be done is to think of a meeting place where everybody could meet after escaping the house. Always select a place away from the house, which is on fire.

Step 4 – Practice it with your Family

I know it might sound strange about emergencies and practicing tackling it in a typical day to day life. But it does not matter whether the idea is strange or sober if it is saving lives.

You can check the effectiveness of the escape routes and the smoke detectors once in every three months. You can also make sure that the kids can do what they have been taught in these times of emergencies.


Fire hazards are prevalent in a neighborhood, and you never know when your house has to be a victim of this tragedy. So, developing a fire escape plan and sharing it with the family members is the best you can do.

And if you think that you have developed a fire escape strategy for your home, then it is time for you to make your house beautiful again. Don’t forget to check out HomeBnc for DIY decorating ideas and inspirations. HomeBnc will offer you the best DIY tips for decorating your house and making it your very own paradise.…